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Together, UPLIFT Haiti and people of rural Haiti are working to resurrect their communities, their nation, their chidren's future.

Haitians face a short life expectancy, chronic threats to health, inadequate food production and severe environmental pollution.

Help the people of Haiti turn things around by joining with us and our local Haitian partners. Our mission is in our name. We "Unite People to Learn, Inspire and Form Together."

As a volunteer or donor, you can help Haitians restore their country to a place where its people can enjoy lives of dignity in a stable and prosperous environment.

We design our projects to accomplish specific goals expressed by people of the community. We have provided instructional and material support for a vocational school and rural community computer center. We also conduct medical clinics and public health training.

We hope you will consider becoming a volunteer or making a donation.

You can make an online donation here. Every penny goes to benefit people in Haiti.



In Baradères, lunch is served

school kids eating lunch

Take a 20-minute drive through Baradères.
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Unite People to Learn, Inspire and Form Together."

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