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Reminder: UPLIFT Haiti Fundraiser Tomorrow
March 25, 2011

Don't forget to RSVP for tomorrow night's fundraiser for UPLIFT Haiti in Silver Spring, Md. For RSVP and other details, click here.

Even if you cannot attend, you can help through online donations of cash and materials.

One of the projects we are raising funds for is a solar-powered, community-access computer center--the first of its kind in the tiny mountainous community of Kay Mak and its surrounding area.

Within the expected service area, about a 6-mile radius of Kay Mak, live 5,000 people, mostly subsistence farmers. A dozen small schools in the area have about 2,800 students. Most have never seen a computer. We at UPLIFT Haiti believe this project will be transformative for the people of Kay Mak, especially young people.

For years, travelers driving north on the potholed road through the mountains to the remote coastal village of Baradères have unknowingly passed within a stone’s throw of the small building in Kay Mak that will house the computer center.

UPLIFT Haiti’s project partner is that building’s owner, the KPM, short for Kòdinasyon Peyizan Nan Ma (United Farmers of Kay Mak). KPM is a 600-member organization of local residents founded in 1981.

On February 20-21, 2011, UPLIFT Haiti volunteers delivered the first two of a planned seven computers to the Kay Mak center. Usable Internet access will be difficult. But the volunteers managed to send what was likely Kay Mak’s first-ever email message.

The fundraiser will benefit several other UPLIFT Haiti projects: a small sustainable farming project in Kay Mak, a women’s vocational training program in Baradères, and medical clinics and culinary training in other communities.

For RSVP and other details, visit www.uplifthaiti.org/savethedate.htm.

People viewing the computers
UPLIFT Haiti volunteer John Spencer (left) and residents of Kay Mak log onto the first two desktop computers of the community's new computer center.

KPM building KPM building in Kay Mak.



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