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February 14, 2012

Student sewingTomorrow, five members of a Catholic parish in Ohio will accompany an UPLIFT Haiti team from Maryland for a week-long trip to support a women’s vocational training center in Baradères, Haiti.

Parishioners of Blessed Trinity Parish in Cleveland donated seven new treadle sewing machines for the Fr. John Maxwell Vocational School.

The travelers will install the new machines on existing treadle tables to replace old sewing machines that have proved difficult to keep running smoothly. The group is also bringing a variety of textiles for the women at the center to use in their training.

The Maxwell Center is administered by the Little Sisters of St. Therese. The sisters established the 2-year training program to empower women to gain skills needed to find jobs and start their own small businesses in Haiti’s food service and textile industries.

The UPLIFT Haiti team will also travel to the mountain community of Kay Mak. We will repair one of the desktop computers at the computer center UPLIFT Haiti established a year ago.

We will also deliver fresh seed for the vegetable farming project for consumption and marketing. Residents of Kay Mak requested a project that they think they can sustain for eight high-value crops: cabbage, leek, onion, sweet pepper, hot pepper, eggplant, carrot and tomato. All the seeds are open-pollinated, not hybrid. That means farmers can save the seed from the harvest and plant again next season. They will not be dependent on purchasing expensive hybrid each planting season.

In Kay Mak, our local collaborator is the KPM, a 30-year-old, 600-member community organization. KPM stands for Kòdinasyon Peyizan Nan Ma (United Farmers of Kay Mak). The organization operates the computer center in its headquarters building and began providing business services to the community in February 2011, when UPLIFT Haiti delivered the first two of seven planned computers, a printer, and related hardware and software.

We at UPLIFT Haiti can conduct these project activities only because of our U.S. and Haitian volunteers and because of people like you who donate cash and materials. You can make tax-deductible donations at:

UPLIFT Haiti, a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, organizes teams of volunteers to travel to Haiti to work with local communities in accomplishing sustainable projects for improving health, education, employment, and the local economy and infrastructure.

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