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Crochet to Give a Boost to School in Rural Haiti
March 9, 2015

UPLIFT Haiti is sending two volunteers to Baradères, in southwestern Haiti, to work with a partner institution, the Maxwell Vocational School. 

Evelyn Brewer’s focus during the March 10-19 trip will be training two women—one a Maxwell graduate and the other a second-year student—to become future teachers of crochet at the school.  The women will learn how to manufacture several crochet items that may be marketable in Haiti. 

"We'll use both yarn and thread to create fashion clothing and accessories," says Evelyn. "The women will learn more advanced stitches that give texture to the fabrics. And they'll also learn how to read and write symbol patterns. These will eliminate the need for translating written directions."

Crocheting is only one of the skills the school teaches in its efforts to empower students to become self-supporting.  The school's two-year program also covers basic  and gourmet cookery, gourmet table service, and sewing and embroidery.

The other traveler, Jim De Quattro, will provide “handyman” services for the school and the convent, especially its solar power system.  In addition, Jim will gather information for school improvements that UPLIFT Haiti wants to help establish.  These include constructing a solar power system for the school and establishing a meal program and accompanying outdoor cooking area.

UPLIFT Haiti seeks charitable contributions for these projects, and you can make an online donation here.

The Maxwell School is administered by Sr. Denise Desil.  Working in Baradères for more than 25 years, Sr. Denise is a member of a Haitian community of Roman Catholic sisters, the Little Sisters of St. Therèse.  She was recently named as her religious community’s leader for Haiti’s southwestern province.  In Baradères, Sr. Denise and other Little Sisters teach at the Maxwell School and a parochial high school and elementary school. They also staff a medical clinic.

During their visit, Evelyn and Jim will also consult with Sr. Denise to learn how we can better support her vision for the school’s future.  The school has expanded rapidly, from 16 students in 2010 to more than 100 today.

For young—and not-so-young—adults in Baradères, the school is a rarity in a region where few opportunities exist for self-development that can lead towards economic stability. 

UPLIFT Haiti is a registered public charity. The “UPLIFT” in our name stands for our mission: "Uniting People to Learn, Inspire, and Form Together."  Please visit uplifthaiti.org for more information.

Evelyn with students
Evelyn Brewer explains crochet project design for two Maxwell School students in October 2014.

Maxwell school
Fr. John Maxwell Vocational School, Baradères, Haiti.

Unite People to Learn, Inspire and Form Together."

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