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UPLIFT Haiti – Project Updates
January 22, 2016

Last fall, two UPLIFT Haiti volunteers traveled to Haiti for two weeks to continue our project work. Our next scheduled trip is in February. 

In October, volunteer Evelyn Brewer continued teaching crochet to two Baradères women.  They now are teaching weekly crochet classes to students at the Maxwell Vocational School in Baradères.

This means three current or former Maxwell students are now earning money as teachers at the school.  

While Evelyn taught crochet, Jim De Quattro finished repairs to window screens at the school, the Little Sisters of St. Therèse convent and a portion of the medical clinic that the sisters administer. Screens are important to help keep out mosquitoes that transmit diseases such as malaria, chikungunya and a new mosquito-borne threat, Zika virus.

In February, UPLIFT Haiti is sending a team to Haiti to conduct medical clinics in Baradères and to complete our technology project in the rural mountain community of Kay Mak. 

In Baradères, we will collaborate with the Little Sisters of St. Therèse and with Haitian medical personnel to provide care for an estimated 450 people over 3 days.   UPLIFT Haiti is providing funds to purchase medical supplies and pay Haitian medical personnel.    Most of the medicines and related supplies will be purchased in Haiti.  

In Kay Mak we will replace some of the equipment that thieves stole from the Kay Mak farmers’ organization.  We will also provide the organization with internet access via phone-capable Android tablets.  After a year, the farmers’ organization will assume responsibility for the monthly data charges.  

We are currently working to estimate funds required—and develop a funding strategy—to provide a solar power system at the Maxwell School.  

You can visit our Facebook page to learn why Maxwell students say they attend the school.

Please consider a donation to aid our efforts to help people in Haiti build a more sustainable life for themselves, their children and their community. You can make a tax-deductible donation online.

We are grateful to our volunteers and other donors for joining us in believing that the people of Haiti have not given up on their country and we will not give up either.

Marie Ode, Evelyn, Guedette
Crochet teacher Evelyn Brewer, flanked by teachers-in-training Marie Ode Desardrouin (left) and Guedette Nicholas.



Wesline Vitale
Now in her second year of teaching at the Maxwell Vocational School is 2012 graduate Wesline Vitale, wearing a chemise she crocheted.



Naomie Cajuste
Naomie Cajuste, a nurse in Baradères, graduated from the Maxwell School in 2015. She was asked: Why go to school to learn gourmet cooking when you already have a job as a nurse? She answered, "In life, everything is important.”

Earnings from her nursing job, Naomie explained, will finance start-up costs for a catering business she plans to set up in the city of Les Cayes.

In Haiti, where wages are low—some say criminally low—very few people can earn enough from one occupation to sustain themselves and their families.

In other words, everything is important. 

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