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Lsset's Do It Again
August 27, 2016

In March 2017, UPLIFT Haiti hopes to repeat the very successful medical clinic we conducted last February in rural Baradères.

The clinic next March rises in importance because access to medical care just became more difficult for the Baradères area’s 40,000 residents.  Why? —The local government-owned medical facility recently lost the funding to pay its primary resident physician.

To fund a clinic in March 2017, we will need to raise $6,000. Please help.

More than 800 people received care—lifesaving care in at least two cases—at the February 2016 clinic.

The cost per patient? Just $7.50. The total cost was about $6,000.

Why did we succeed last February? 

  • We purchased medicines and supplies largely in Haiti. 
  • Nine Haitian doctors provided care and were paid for their work. 
  • Our U.S. volunteers finance their own travel. 
  • We  planned closely with the community of Haitian Catholic sisters who administer the Baradères medical facility, and with Haitian orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thony Guillaume.

To do it again, we need your help.  You can donate online.

Find out more about the February clinic here.

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Dr. Thony and nurse

Dr. Thony Guillaume repairs a patient's painful hand deformity, known as Dupuytren's contracture. Nurse Naomie Cajuste assists.



At the Baradères pharmacy during the February clinic, Catholic sisters of the Petites Soeurs de Ste. Thérèse fill prescriptions. From left to right: Former medical facility administrator Sr. Denise, current administrator Sr. Judith, and pharmacist Sr. Ociane.



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