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Report on February medical clinic
May 17, 2018

More than 900 patients received care during the four-day clinic, February 26 to March 1.  UPLIFT Haiti funded the clinic in cooperation with Sr. Marie Judithe Prophète, administrator of the Baradères hospital.

To supplement the hospital's small staff, we hired nine Haitian doctors and five nurses to provide care. The cost to UPLIFT Haiti averaged about $10 per patient, all provided by our generous donors. 

You can view additional photos and information from the clinic on our Facebook page.

For the first time, we compiled diagnostic and treatment data that are enabling us to better understand the community's medical needs. This will help our planning of future clinics.

We also funded a workshop for local women who serve as birth attendants. The workshop, held April 25-26, was conducted by a Haitian certified midwife, Sr. Marta Pantal.

Our long-term goal in working with the Baradères hospital is to strengthen the existing public health system. We hope our supporters will continue to help us through donations. You can donate online at:



Mom with toddlerA mom helps a pediatrician examine her daughter's foot infection. Serious skin infections are common in the area, especially in young children, who often go barefoot.


Dentist with patient
Together the two clinic dentists saw 91 patients. About two-thirds of them required tooth extractions. Lack of funds for dental equipment and supplies prevented filling of cavities, as well as tooth sealants to prevent caries in children—two gaps we would like to fill in the future.

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