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Notes from Baradères
December 16, 2021

In recent text messages, Sr. Judith, nurse and administrator of the Baradères Health Center, writes about the current situation in Baradères and in Haiti generally.

Today, Sr. Judith wrote, "My sympathies for your compatriots who have been kidnapped for more than a month by the armed group '400 mawozo.' It is with great joy when I learned on social networks that they are released. I would like that to end once and for all because nobody has the right to be kidnapped."

"For my part," she wrote last week, "things are not going too badly compared to the people who live in the capital, where they suffer from all kinds of insecurity. Every day the country is going from bad to worse, the kidnapping, the rape, the assassination… Every day we wonder where Haiti is going?"

"Nobody thinks of these poor people. The authorities do not take into account the misery of the population.  Alas!  But despite everything I believe in a powerful, merciful God capable of doing everything."

"Here in Baradères we are still struggling with life. Despite we live every day with the aftermath of the August 14 earthquake, life continues timidly in the town. Some classical schools are opening their doors."

"We at John Maxwell [Vocational School], our doors have been open since November. We start again with the courses because so much is the school, so much the nation.  Our mission is to help the most disadvantaged people...."

[The Maxwell school was founded by and is operated by the Little Sisters of St. Thérèse, Sr. Judith's religious community.]

"I cannot say I am in great shape when I watch my brothers and sisters mistreated, kidnapped, raped, and dead under the powerful weapons of the bandits while observing the silence of our leaders as if nothing had happened.  I am really indignant to see things going like this but unfortunately I do not have the power to resolve the shattering situation in our Haiti…."

"Fortunately in Baradères the situation does not degenerate as well as in Port-au-Prince, which is why, with our limited means at John Maxwell--the only vocational school in the town--we do our best to help young people to have a job  in order to avoid banditry, juvenile delinquency in the town.  My dream is to allow many more young people to learn a manual trade but the means limit us...."


Sr Judith

Above: Sr. Judith at a maternity clinic in 2019.

UPLIFT Haiti has supported activities of the Baradères Health Center and the Maxwell school since 2009.

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