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Rebuilding after an earthquake
March 17, 2022

Thanks to you, the public health center in Baradères, Haiti, is again able to treat patients indoors.

For several months after the August 14 earthquake, patients could be treated only outside, in tents.

Now, earthquake repairs are well underway, but we ask for your support again, to fund a multi-day mobile medical clinic in May.

Yes, Haiti remains plagued by gangs and political and economic collapse. But your generosity and Haitians’ resilience since August are bearing fruit in Baradères:

The Baradères Health Center’s perimeter wall, destroyed by the quake, has been completely rebuilt. Buildings used to care for and house patients have reopened after repairs and safety inspections. The center’s community building—vital for training, public education and maternity clinics--is being rebuilt right now. Completion is expected in May. The quake had pancaked the roof and destroyed much of the second floor. Restoring the community building allows the health center to schedule another of the large multi-day medical clinics that we have funded in recent years—and that the center has relied on.

For the May medical clinic, the center’s administrator, Sr. Judith Prophète, will use funds from UPLIFT Haiti to purchase needed medicines and other supplies and to hire about a dozen outside doctors and nurses.

Can you help us fund the May clinic? Sr. Judith is expert at operating these special clinics very efficiently. We estimate we need about $10,000 to fund a five-day clinic for a thousand people. In the five such clinics we funded since 2016, the cost to us ranged between $7.50 and $10.00 per patient.

You can donate online here.

Thank you in advance for strengthening public health care in rural Haiti.


Workers building wallSome of the local workers hired to rebuild Baradères Health Center and a community building (February 2022).

Pediatrician examines patientPediatrician Nadege Philippe-Victor examines a patient at the medical clinic sponsored by UPLIFT Haiti in March 2017.

At the Baradères pharmacy in February 2016, Catholic sisters of the Petites Soeurs de Ste. Thérèse fill prescriptions.

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