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Update from Baradères
October 5, 2022

Natural and civil disasters are sharply limiting the health and education work we support in Haiti, but no one is quitting.

That's the message from a recent report from Sr. Judith Prophète, our chief partner in Baradères.

The natural disaster happened all at once. On August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake shattered Baradères. Civil disasters were already underway—fuel shortages, protests, corruption, and gang violence.

The earthquake damaged the Baradères Health Center, even as hundreds of wounded needed emergency medical care. The quake destroyed the small home of Sr. Judith and the two other Catholic sisters, who administer the health center and the Maxwell Vocational School. And the quake pancaked the two-story community building next door to the health center.

Repairs to the health center are complete, funded by the Haitian government. Rebuilding of the sisters’ residence is fully funded by donors, but the work advances slowly.

Work to rebuild the community building languishes, however. Our donors provided $18,000 for this purpose. But the steel and wood roof—more quake-resistant than the original rebar and cinder block—requires an additional $24,000.

Despite difficulties, Sr. Judith organized activities to help Baradères youth stay engaged during summer. She sponsored bakery, crochet and music classes. Some students began to play clarinet, guitar, drums and keyboard. The music instructors will return in November.

Sr. Judith had planned a multi-day medical clinic for October. Some doctors would have come from Port-au-Prince, but travel is too risky. The end of October may be feasible, she says.

In the meantime, she is involved in a COVID vaccination campaign in the area.

Please consider a donation to help fund the next multi-day medical clinic, community building roof, music classes, and other assistance in Baradères. You can donate online here.

Photos from the special summer program at Maxwell Vocational School:

crochet items

Student with crochet items


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