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Rebuilt community center gets its new windows
January 30, 2023

A huge thank-you to our donors!  Last weekend, workers installed the new windows for the rebuilt Baradères community health center. After the August 14, 2021 earthquake pancaked the center, UPLIFT Haiti pledged to help rebuild it.

workers installing windows

Sister Judith Prophète administers the community center and the adjacent public health center. In November she reported that only the windows were unfunded.

Our donors responded quickly.  Now, she says, the building can be completed and re-opened for training of community health workers, public education, and maternity and well-baby clinics.

Now Sr. Judith has begun planning for a multi-day medical clinic in February.  Hundreds of residents will have access to the physicians at little or no cost to them.  In the five such clinics UPLIFT Haiti has funded since 2016, the cost to us was less than $10.00 per patient. 

Thanks again to our donors for helping rebuild the community center and fund these vital multi-day clinics. If you wish to help further, you can donate online here.

Completed in November 2022, a more quake-resistant roof for the rebuilt community center.

community center interior


After the quake on August 14, 2021:

community center after quake

community center after quake

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