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Help for a school emergency in Baradères
February 18, 2024

For two weeks, UPLIFT Haiti will raise emergency funding to help 1,500 students at 17 Baradères schools—by keeping their schools open and providing lunch.

For many children in Baradères, school lunch is the only meal.

The schools—a combined secondary and high-school and 16 elementary schools—are operated by the local parish of St. Pierre and funded mainly by St. John the Baptist Catholic Community (SJB) in Silver Spring, Md.

But by last month, monetary inflation in Haiti (43% in 2023) had depleted the funds available to the St. Pierre pastor, Fr. Ambroise Noemi. He has no money to pay teachers or feed students.

SJB parishioners have strongly supported St. Pierre parish in many ways for decades, and continue to do so.

But during the next two weeks, UPLIFT Haiti will collect emergency funds we will deliver to Fr. Noemi. Then he can provide lunches to the students most at risk of hunger. And he can cover at least part of the salaries due to the 88 parochial schoolteachers.

We may not be able to raise all the money needed, but anything you can provide will help.

Every online donation UPLIFT Haiti receives through Sunday, March 3, will go toward this emergency relief of the Baradères schools.

You can donate online to support this effort, or write a check to UPLIFT Haiti, putting “Emergency” on the memo line. Send checks to UPLIFT Haiti, 12608 Billington Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20904.





Sister parish program video
Click the image above to see a brief video about the Sister Parish program at St. John the Baptist Catholic Community, Silver Spring, Md. (video courtesy SJB)

Lunchtime at CSJB
Lunchtime at CSJB.



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