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Medical clinic in La Colline


choirFor the nine-person UPLIFT Haiti team, the trip from Port-au-Prince to La Colline was a grueling 4-hour drive in two pickup trucks. Once there, we were guests of Fr. Elicio Clement, pastor of St. Isidore Parish. 

We set up three tents on the rectory roof, where the five men in the team would reside. The four women were housed in a rectory bedroom.  

The next morning, Sunday, April 25, we were officially welcomed by Fr. Elicio to his community at Mass. The church was standing room only that morning.  Normally that happens only on feast days, he told us.  But it felt like almost the entire community had shown up to welcome us. 

We spent much of the remainder of Sunday preparing for the following two days of medical clinic. By Tuesday evening, we would see 209 patients.

Clinic Details

Waiting roomThe nine-person UPLIFT Haiti team saw patients in La Colline on April 26 and 27.  We used the community clinic administered by Fr. Elicio and Dr. Thony Guillaume and staffed by three Haitians: a nurse and two nurse’s aides.  Dr. Thony is a young Haitian physician, trained in Cuba, who visits patients in La Colline about twice a week.

Pediatrician Denise DeConcini attended to all the infants and children.  Chiropractor Dr. Marc Nestor saw adults who had musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Steve Osborne visited adult patients with all conditions.

Nurse Lydie Alexandre joined the Haitian nurses to triage patients at the entrance, take vital signs and test blood sugar when indicated.  

Pediatric examEMT Francesca Beauduy, Sterne Nestor and Christian Nestor ran the pharmacy unit that we brought with us. They kept the medications in order, filled prescriptions and instructed the patients on how and when to take their meds.

Rodney Kerby, Judith Nestor and Sterne shared the task of translating for the two physicians, Steve and Denise. Judith also administered requests for patient referrals.  Christian took many pictures to document the team’s work.

In all we saw 209 patients, nine more than our target.  

Most of the adult patients Steve saw were afflicted with hypertension, diabetes, stomach disorders, arthritis or gynecological problems. Denise’s young patients had stomach disorders, nutrition problems, colds, skin rashes and other conditions. We made good use of the de-worming medication, albendazole.

We used all the medications donated by CrossLink International, International Action, students at Briggs Chaney Middle School, and other groups and individuals.

Chiropractor treatmentBefore our arrival, Dr. Thony usually had available only a single drug to treat hypertension and a single drug to treat diabetes.  We added HCTZ to the regimen of patients with hypertension, and Metformin to the regimen of patients with diabetes.  Both  are considered first-line treatments for these conditions. 

In addition, we tested the patients’ blood sugar with a portable meter. This allowed us to monitor previously diagnosed diabetics and to diagnose other patients suspected of having the disease.

We referred about 10 patients to specialists at hospitals in Les Cayes, Bonne Fin and Port Salut for treating stomach disorders, broken bones and eye problems.

At the conclusion of the 2 days we transferred all the unused medications, supplies and equipment to Dr. Thony.

UPLIFT Haiti, a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, organizes teams of volunteers to travel to Haiti to work with local communities in accomplishing sustainable projects for improving health, education, employment, and the local economy and infrastructure.

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