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Report on the
Medical visit
to La Colline

April 2010

Our medical trip in April 2010 delivered care to 209 underserved Haitians in La Colline, taught 44 young adults a Public Health Assistant class, and began deworming programs at grade schools in the La Colline community and the tiny remote village of L’Etang Rey.

We invite you to explore the links in the right-hand column of this page to take a detailed look at the the trip.

Crucial medicines and other medical supplies were donated by CrossLink International, International Action, and students at Briggs Chaney Middle School in Silver Spring, Md.

Donation of several dozen Beanie Babies eased the anxiety—and put smiles on the faces of—many young pediatric patients, most of whom had probably never seen a foreign doctor. We also want to thank all of UPLIFT Haiti’s other supporters and donors.

Much of the success of the trip was due to the volunteer nature of UPLIFT Haiti.  Team members contributed their own resources to cover travel and lodging expenses. In the business world, these items would be classified as project overhead.  

In contrast, UPLIFT Haiti uses 100 percent of the money donated for any specific project for the sole benefit of disadvantaged people of Haiti.

This rule is a “poto mitan”—a cornerstone—of our organization that sets it apart from many other nonprofits.

We saw despair in the eyes of many people in Haiti. But we made a difference in the lives of those we visited. The work we did will affect hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Students in the public health assistant classes absorbed all the new information with gusto.

The people of Haiti have not given up on their country. We will not give up either.


*UPLIFT Haiti thanks the following team members, who supplied material used in this report: Steve Osborne, Denise DeConcini, Sterne Nestor, Lydie Alexandre, Thony Guillaume and Christian Nestor.

clinic building

Fr. Elicio and Judith

Dr. thony Guillaume

Break time



Team members

Team members

Medical clinic in La Colline

Pediatric exam

A notable patient


Public health assistant training

Public health assistant trainees

Deworming programs

Francesca and Lydie with students

Two not-so-simple questions

Christian Nestor

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