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Maxwell Center students work as a team on a dressmaking project.
Students work on sewing project

Maico Joseph (left), a Haitian volunteer, translates into English a question asked in Creole by a Maxwell Center student, so that volunteer Evelyn Brewer can respond. Among those looking on is Maxwell Center instructor Sr. Miguelina.
Sewing class

UPLIFT Haiti volunteer Mike Martone oils one of the center's treadle sewing machines.
Mike Martone oils sewing machine

Kay Mak resident Kerlson (center, light colored shirt) gets Excel training from volunteers (left to right) Adam De Quattro, Maico Joseph and Mike Johns. Excel training

Maico Joseph helps some Kay Mak area students familiarize themselves with the Powerpoint software.
Maico and area students


UPLIFT Haiti Team Returns from Vocational, Computer and Gardening Projects
November 10, 2011

A six-person UPLIFT Haiti team returned yesterday from carrying out three project actions in the communities of Baradères and Kay Mak in southwestern Haiti.

In the town of Baradères, we conducted training in sewing and embroidery at a women’s vocational program. We also repaired a half-dozen treadle sewing machines that had missing or malfunctioning parts. That will greatly speed the progress of the 17 women currently in the program, since only two machines were working previously, and they needed maintenance and calibration.

In the mountaintop community of Kay Mak, we delivered new computer equipment and conducted computer training. We also advanced planning of a pilot project for sustainable vegetable-crop production for Kay Mak.

Details about the trip will be coming soon. We were able to conduct these project activities only because of our U.S. and Haitian volunteers and because of people like you who donate cash and materials. You can make tax-deductible donations here.

The vocational program in Baradères is at the Fr. John Maxwell Vocational School, administered by the Little Sisters of St. Theresa. The sisters established the 2-year training program to empower women to gain skills needed to find jobs and start their own small businesses in Haiti’s food service and textile industries.

In Baradères, we also saw progress in a new initiative in which the women are being taught to sew and embroider sturdy, attractive, shopping tote bags for marketing to an export market. We brought back some bags for sale. Proceeds will support costs of the Maxwell Center such as textiles and instructor salaries.

We delivered to the Maxwell Center essential supplies including bobbins, needles and pins, shears and scissors, cotton and nylon fabric, parachute cord, patterns, embroidery backing material and embroidery technique books.

In Kay Mak, our local collaborator is the KPM, a 30-year-old, 600-member community organization. KPM stands for Kòdinasyon Peyizan Nan Ma (United Farmers of Kay Mak). The organization operates the computer center in its headquarters building and began providing business services to the community in February. That’s when UPLIFT Haiti delivered the first two of seven planned computers, a printer, and related hardware and software. KPM’s fee-paid services now include typing, scanning, laminating, printing, and computer use. The group plans to incorporate training programs for local schools and other community members and, when UPLIFT Haiti can raise the funds, satellite internet access and Rosetta Stone language training. While UPLIFT Haiti provides hardware, software, training and expertise, KPM is developing a customer base whose fees will sustain the center’s operating costs. We helped KPM re

fine its service offerings and fees based on its costs for services such as printing. We also freshly examined the existing solar power system at the KPM headquarters building and determined that it is being carefully maintained.

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