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A march in rural Haiti for national peace and justice
March 27, 2024

Baradères, Haiti, marched for peace and justice last Friday.  

More than 250 residents of all ages walked through the farming town in southern Haiti (video link). They chanted “Down with the gangs, down with the political insecurity, down with hunger.”

Father Ambroise Noemi, pastor of St. Pierre parish in Baradères, said, “We in the church did not want to remain indifferent to what is happening in the country. And we wanted to ask for justice for the country of Haiti, justice for Bishop Dumas and for all victims of rape, theft, kidnapping and the like.”

(Haitian Bishop Pierre-André Dumas, vice president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti, is recovering from severe injuries due to an explosion in Port-au-Prince on February 18.)

The same day Baradères marched, the World Food Programme reported that 4.7 million Haitians--nearly half the population--are now suffering acute hunger.

Haitians have increasingly fled Port-au-Prince and other cities for rural areas, including Baradères. The community and its schools are making space for the newcomers.

Gang control of roads keeps farmers’ crops, such as yams, mango, plantains and coffee, from traveling safely to markets in cities.  

A recent effort by UPLIFT Haiti to respond to Baradères’ own food emergency in St. Pierre parish schools will not solve the hunger crisis but could reduce its impact. The effort emphasizes use of locally grown food crops. We at UPLIFT Haiti are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support for this effort.

Baradères farmers have kept working despite all the struggles they face, said Sr. Judith Prophète, administrator of the Baradères Health Center.

Sr. Judith helped organize the March 22 event. She notes that it was the Friday Way of the Cross, a Lenten tradition. But the people also benefitted from a peaceful walk in community solidarity. 

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Link to March video
Baraderes residents march for peace and justice in their nation. Video by Christian Exima.


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