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In Baradères, lunch is served
April 25, 2024

We are deeply grateful to everyone who supported, far beyond our hopes, the recent emergency food drive.

But we are most grateful to our Haitian partners--clergy, teachers, medical aides, cooks, drivers, and other residents of Baradères.

They are organizing and carrying out all the logistics, delivery, cooking, etc. As a result, students have lunch.

students eating lunch

A cook ladles food into bowls
Students serving lunch
food storage room

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Video: Lunchtime at three of 16 St. Pierre parish schools. A more common scene now than a month ago, but we must ask for how long. These three schools are in the bayside village of Rivière Salée, in Baradères at Pope Jean Paul II elementary school, and a parish school in the neighborhood of Lespalmes.

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