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UPLIFT Haiti invites people from all backgrounds and walks of life to volunteer to help the people of Haiti build a better future.  Each person has something of unique importance to contribute.

And we hope that Haitians who live abroad will feel a special appeal to becoming a volunteer, because their love of Haiti and their knowledge of Haiti’s culture can be priceless tools.

Currently, at least 4 million Haitians live abroad, mostly in the United States and Canada.   They contribute to the economic and social development of their home country through remittances, and in their host countries they serve as advocates and as components of transnational networks.

Members of the Haitian international community are Haiti’s first customers and investors. And while tourism has virtually halted, return trips by Haitians living abroad provide significant capital for local economies and tourism.  

Mobilizing Haitians abroad is a direct way to advance economic reconstruction as well as to reverse the brain drain and return skilled expatriates to Haiti to greatly expand the nation’s management capacity and workforce.


If you are interested in volunteering, please complete and send us the application form.

You will need the free Adobe Reader software (version 8 or newer) to view and fill out the form. You can download Reader here. (Note: Adobe ACROBAT may not work for this purpose.)

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